From the 4th July we are open! And we want your stay with us to be as normal and as enjoyable as possible. In these uncertain times however we have had to make adjustments to how we do things, and as such we have put in place a number of precautions to minimise risks to yourself and our staff. A full risk assessment has been carried out and we are confident that the measures introduced will provide a safe environment for your time with us. The following is a brief outline of some of the measures we have introduced:

• We are reducing the number of rooms that are available to book
• Communal use items such as milk and water have been replaced with individual containers for your sole use.
• Hand sanitiser is readily available for your use in the property.
• The check in procedure has been changed to make it simpler and reduce physical contact risks
• A strict regime of cleaning communal area has been introduced
• The seating area within the dining room has been reset to ensure the maximum distance between you and other guests.
• The normal breakfast buffet has been suspended. All buffet items will still be available to pre order, but this has now been replaced with a table service.
• To reduce the risk of cross contamination between rooms the normal daily room clean has been suspended. Cleaning requirements of your room will be mutually agreed with you at the beginning of your stay.
• Replacement items such as teas, coffees, towels etc will be readily available to you as normal.
• Only 1 member of our team will enter your room at any one time during your stay, and they will wear appropriate protective clothing.
• There will be greater use of electronic payment methods.
• Rooms will be deep cleaned between guest visits, and the time a room is left unoccupied will be maximised as much as possible.

We cannot eliminate all risks but we would like to assure you that your safety is of paramount importance to us, and with the measures we are putting in place we hope you can book your stay with a degree of confidence. We look forward to hosting your visit.

Steve & Sheila